Have you been encountering earwigs around your home? Maybe everywhere in the basement? The bathroom? In cool dark places outside like under a trash bin? If so, you're not alone.

The question has come up on reddit forums across the state both in West Michigan and the metro Detroit area. In all cases the replies are a resounding, yes, they're everywhere.

Why so many this season? It has to do with last season and the winter we just went though.

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It appears earwigs are a bumper crop this year.


Mild winter plus wet spring equals earwig heaven.

The good news is that they aren't actually interested in ears, they don't bite, and their pincers don't even hurt, much less pierce skin. They look much grosser than they are.

Also, unlike most insects, they are devoted parents to their broods.

Further, though you might not like them, they're not destructive nor, despite their name, will they eagerly seek out your ear.

So while they may be everywhere, perhaps the best thing, while it may be a pain, would be to gather them up in a dust pan and let them free outside away from your home. And maybe, for this reason along, hope for a cold winter later this year.

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