Between his never-ending bloviating and his categorically awful weave, Donald Trump may well hold the record for eliciting the most simultaneous eye rolls from the general public. And no one is safe from his asinine opinions -- not the President, not the Royal Family, and certainly not Robert Pattinson.

Our favorite blowhard apparently gave a little thought to Pattinson's recent reconciliation with Kristen Stewart and decided he had some wisdom to impart.

So on Wednesday, Trump let his over-privileged fingers fly and posted this missive on Twitter:

And then:

Because nothing fixes a broken heart like a little beauty queen strange.

But if there's anyone who would know something about the temptations of cheating and beauty queens, it's the thrice-married Donald -- who, as you'll recall, left his first wife Ivana after having an affair with pageant veteran Marla Maples. So this is kind of in his wheelhouse.

It's also not the first time Trump has run his mouth about a public figure. Not too long ago, he blamed the victim when he took Kate Middleton to task and scolded her for daring to be naked while cameras were present. With telephoto lenses. A mile away.

Can't we go all 'Survivor' on this guy and just vote him off the island already?

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