Just over a year after Domino's began testing self-driving pizza delivery in Ann Arbor, Domino's has announced their plans to launch unmanned pizza delivery.

Last year's tests in Ann Arbor used a manually driven Ford Fusion Hybrid vehicle made to look like a self-driving vehicle.

Later this year, Domino's will partner with Nuro to offer autonomous delivery to some customers in Houston.

Domino's customers will have to opt-in to use the service. After opting-in, customers can track the delivery vehicle's location using Domino's app. Customers will be given a PIN code to unlock the compartment that holds their pizza.

Nuro has been delivering other products with driverless vehicles in Houston since March 2019. The vehicle that will be used for deliveries is known as the R2.

Expect to see more driverless deliveries if the partnership proves to be successful.

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