Taking over a week to receive a letter from out of state may be the new norm in Michigan and many places across the country. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many United States Postal Service routes have been adversely affected with delays of package and letter delivery and Michigan seems to be hit extra hard.

The delays are due to reduced efficiency at sorting plants due to social distancing and a new policy by the Postmaster General Louis DeJoy encouraging employees to "leave mail behind at distribution centers if it delayed letter carriers from their routes".

The situation for Michigan has been exacerbated by the fact that Detroit was hit especially hard with COVID-19 cases, causing a disruption in mail service in the metro area and the areas serviced by the sorting facilities.

The situation has been so bad for mail service in the region that an Ohio lawmaker is proposing moving the facilities out of Southwest Michigan and into Ohio.

There have also been many anecdotal stories of people waiting extremely long times for letters and packages mailed from out of state. In fact, I myself have had packages sent from family members in Illinois' and Iowa's Quad Cities take almost 2 weeks to arrive.

Has your mail service been slowed down?  Tell us your story in the comments below.

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