Just thinking back to some more good, local, restaurants that have closed, and the Kentwood Station popped into my head. It was like stepping back in time when you walked into the old train station like restaurant, with sound effects and all, as I remember.

Kentwood Station, later one of Sam's Joints, was just off 44th Street, SE, in Kentwood on Viewpoint Drive. Sadly it sort of went downhill a bit when it became "one of the Joints." The original restaurant had a lot of individual flair and wasn't a 'cookie cutter' type of joint.

They had a huge salad bar. I know I'm strange, but I love good salad bars, and you could really load up a great salad there. They had delicious homemade soups, and breads as well, and the food was always good and affordable.

Cathe DeLaney‎/facebook
Cathe DeLaney‎/facebook

Being off 44th in Kentwood probably didn't help for it being successful over the long hall. It was seriously off the beaten path and if you didn't plan to go, and knew how to find it, you didn't.

Oh well, time moves on I guess. It's progress, right?

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