Our recent record-setting high temperatures sent all of us looking for a place to stay cool.  The garden was not one of those places.

Gardening can be a lot of work, especially on the hottest days of summer.  The flowers, fruits, and vegetables that our hard work is rewarded with all makes it worth it...right?

Do you like to garden?

I have a small garden at home.  Over the weekend I picked some sugar snap peas and fought the latest battle in the non-stop war against weeds.  It was HOT!

I like to grow a number of different fruits and vegetables.  My kids like to get in there and help too, especially when it comes time to eat a few strawberries.  If you can make the time to keep up with your garden the rewards can be delicious, but finding the time can be difficult.

Is all that time and hard work worth it?

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