Detroit and Flint are not so far apart as the crow flies. It's less than 60 miles from downtown to downtown. It's many fewer miles from Detroit's northern suburbs. And if I-75 cooperates, less than an hour of travel time.

But could a Detroit-Flint romance work or would that be considered a long distance relationship? The question came up recently on the Detroit Discussion Facebook group.

The comment section was quick to fill up with answers and some leaned on perspective: The Detroiter in the relationship would view it as long distance while the Flintstone likely would not considering Flint residents almost certainly head to the Detroit area for shopping, dining and entertainment far more than a Detroit resident would head to Flint.

Another consideration is the type of relationship. A daily job commute between the two cities would be a grind but the weekend hangout would not.

Maybe it's the weather. The relationship might be fine in the summer but not last a grueling winter.

One commentor pulled out the big guns, "Who in Detroit would date somebody from Flint is the question." And another, "Why Flint, tho." Shots most definitely fired.

Some Detroiters say travelling to the other side of the city is too much distance. Detroit, after all, at 142 square miles is far and away the largest city in the state by area - nearly triple the size of the 2nd largest city, Grand Rapids, with 44 square miles.

In the end, the heart wants what the heart wants and any commute can be overcome if that's what's meant to be.

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