Apparently not.  There are some clients that are pretty dissatisfied with a local dating service here in Grand Rapids.  They believe that they paid too much for a chance at love and got little in return.   Elizabeth Labine leafed through a pile of legal papers. They're sore reminders of the high price she paid looking for love through a dating service.

One woman claimed that she felt pressure when she sought out the services of this agency.  She claims they play on peoples emotions and vulnerabilities.  Elizabeth Labine, decided she would turn to Two Of Us dating service.  Labine paid close to $3,000 and was promised that she would be introduced to at least 6 bachelors considered "high caliber." Six months later and she had only been introduced to three people.  Labine now calls the whole thing a scam!

When WoodTV8 investigated it they found that Elizabeth Labine is not the only dissatisfied customer.  They found that court records in Kent County alone show three people have sued the agency.

A man in Muskegon say that he paid close to $2,500 and never received the "service he paid for."   He got his money back.  Then there was another woman who says she paid close to $7,500 and was only introduced to two men  over an 8 month period of time.

When Target 8 spoke to Ethan Baker, VP of Operation for Two Of Us, he says, "A couple of small claims lawsuits are filed and all of a sudden the accusation is that we're a fraudulent company or a scam company. And what's not being told is the other side of it, where there are hundreds of people who are actively using our service today who are happy with what's going on."

One of the men who sued this company said he wasn't introduced to any suitable companions, calling one rather plain.

So what do you think?  Do dating services work?  Have you ever used them?  Did you receive what you wanted from them?  Do you know anyone who has had success?  Do some work more than others?  Would you pay a few thousand dollars to find love?

I know someone, late 50's early 60's, who recently used  She posted her photo, what she really looks like, talked about what she was looking for and received tons of responses for a variety of different gentlemen.  She disregarded the ones wearing sport team shirts, the ones posing with dead animals and rifles, and a few other types she was not interested in.

As a whole she told me she met some very nice men, gentlemen, who were willing to drive over from the other side of the state, take her out to dinner, with no expectations besides getting to know her better.  There were attorneys, business owners, entrepreneurs, each one intelligent and having something worthwhile going on in his life.  So there goes my theory!

But, still for me, knowing all of that, I would not look for love on the internet or from a dating service.  I believe that if things are meant to be, they will be.  I do think some of the best people, quality people, real people, do what I do each day.  We live quiet lives, work, go home, eat and play at our houses, socialize with friends, and we don't  have much of an opportunity to meet each other.  But still, knowing all of that, I believe that if things are meant to be they will be.  But what do you think?