My friend Bob Ibach was on my morning radio show yesterday with another tremendous offer for all Tiger fans.

Nikco Sports is offering a two-baseball set celebrating the Tigers in the World Series, and,  Miguel Cabrera's Triple Crown award.

Nikco Sports
Nikco Sports

This one of a kind 2 baseball set is a Limited Edition of 5,000. The first baseball commemorates this season, their franchise history, and the starting lineup.  The second baseball commemorates the historic occasion of Miguel Cabrera winning the Triple Crown. He is the first player to do so in nearly 45 years!

This Limited Edition Baseball Set is fully licensed.  Each baseball comes with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity and an upscale 2 ball acrylic display case.

You should allow 6-8 weeks for delivery from series completion, and the final product image may vary.

If the Tigers win the 2012 World Series this will automatically be upgraded with that information as well!

And, here's some great news.  A portion of the Proceeds Benefit The Detroit Tigers Foundation!

You can order yours by either logging on the Nikco Sports HERE, or by calling toll-free, 1-800-345-2868.

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