The Detroit Lions have already had a historic season with a home playoff game at Ford Field to kick off Wild Card Weekend.

The visitors will be the Los Angeles Rams and the Lions former quarterback, Matthew Stafford. Some Lions fans have called for a ban on Stafford jerseys at the game. The reason behind the request to not celebrate Stafford's time with the team is the need to vanquish the 'Same Old Lions' mantra - a feeling that the team will once again let down its fanbase.

To further that need to exercise the demons of the past, Lions fans are turning to two popular memes from the world of professional wrestling.

Vanquish the Same Old Lions Memes

One of the memes being shared around Lions fandom is this one shared by the Lions News Podcast Facebook page with the caption, In order to get the chance to play the Cowboys for revenge, we must overcome our past.

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions
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Featuring the wresters Shawn Michaels and Nature Boy Ric Flair the video features a Lions logo superimposed over the face of Michaels as he's set to put an end to Ric Fair, acting as a stand-in for Matthew Stafford. Key are the words used in the wrestling event. Michaels, before a superkick (his finishing move 'Sweet Chin Music'), tells Flair, "I love you, I'm sorry." The real moment happened at Wrestlemania XX in 2008.

"I love you, I'm sorry" is the perfect sentiment many Lions fans want to share with Stafford: thanks for what you did for the team, but it's time for the Lions to go to the next level.

Here's another one from the world of pro wrestling with the same theme. It features Lions head coach Dan Campbell as the Undertaker appearing to be unconscious in a coffin with Randy Orton/Matthew Stafford over him. Taker revives and chokeslams Orton into the coffin.

What say you Lions fans, how will you feel if the game doesn't work your way and Stafford gets the best of you? Same 'ol Lions - there's always next year, eh?

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