Detroit Lions' safety Don Carey announced in Grand Rapids Tuesday afternoon that he is retiring from the NFL.

Carey, a Grand Rapids native, has spent his NFL career in a few different cities. He began with the Cleveland Browns before moving to the Jacksonville Jaguars for two seasons. Following his stint with the Jags, Carey spent six seasons with the Detroit Lions before going back to Jacksonville for the off season, and then rejoined the Lions for three days in November of 2018.

Carey also announced in Tuesday press conference that he's hoping to bring arena football back to Grand Rapids in the near future. Grand Rapids had an arena team, the Grand Rapids Rampage, that played from 1998 until 2009.

He also plans to do more with the Reech Foundation that he started with his wife Lakeisha, which "provide students the opportunity of academic achievement and exposure to diverse areas through hands-on, innovative programs with the hope of ultimately inspiring them to reach their maximum potential and become significant contributors to society."


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