I was in the kitchen getting some coffee this morning and a clip from this video was being shown on Good Morning America on ABC. It showed a number of boys, in their teens, beating up one lone boy in an alley. It showed the perpetrators yelling, violently kicking, and punching him. Apparently the boy was lured to the location by the only girl involved in the crime who was also filming the beating.

The father of one of the boys came forward and turned in his son. It was the father of Raymond Palomino, a 30 year veteran of the Cook County sheriff's office.  However after the judge sentenced his son Mr. Palomino was very upset because he said it looked as if  his son was the main guy involved in this, he has become the fall guy.  The judge charged his son with felony aggravated battery and robbery charges and set his bail at $100,000.  The only young man being charged as an adult.

Here's the question.  This father turned his son in, because being in law enforcement, he said he just couldn't look the other way. But what about you? If you recognized your son or daughter jumping another kid, beating on him or her, kicking, punching, yelling at them could you report them to the police?  Would you report them to the police?   ***WARNING: The entire beating video is 3 minutes long and it is a graphic one (I could not watch more than a couple seconds of it)

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