The Allegan Historical Society was sworn to secrecy when a film crew came to town to record a segment of the History Channel series Curse of Civil War Gold. We wanted to see what clues this monument might hold.

The statue is located on the grounds of the Allegan County Courthouse at the corner of Hubbard and Chestnut Streets in Allegan. It is known as Defenders of our Nation.

There are two clues that might be hidden in plain sight with the monument.

First is the name Defenders of our Nation. Nearly all Civil War monuments in Michigan are inscribed in honor of The Union. Here they've chosen to honor the "nation" perhaps encompassing the soldiers of the Confederacy.

A second clue: It is customary to point Civil War monument due south to symbolize the solider looking back at the battlefields of the conflict. While the pedestal is indeed oriented to the south, that's not the direction of the soldier's head, which is pointed southwest. What is he directing you towards?

The statue is 52.8 miles south of Hackley Park in Muskegon, ground zero in the search for Civil War Gold in Michigan, a site that is alleged to be a tribute to the Confederacy in its layout.

Allegan's Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Pritchard and Civil War Gold

Allegan was also home to the man who captured Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Benjamin Pritchard. The capture of Jefferson Davis is at the heart of the mystery of the lost Civil War gold. See the full story here of the capture and the beginnings of the money trail that might lead to Civil War gold in Michigan

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