It's hard enough just getting the kids dressed and out the door for Halloween. I mean, candy is awaiting and they have to go now. Then, if you're having people over, now you have to come up with some Halloween treats of your own. So, here are some ideas for you.

We all know nothing helps spook up the mood each October like a huge batch of spooky Halloween treats. has compiled some great Halloween treat ideas like the Dead Man's Figures above, to make you the coolest parent at your kid’s Halloween party, even if you’re used to being merely the crappy cook in the corner glaring bitterly at the coolest mom at your kid’s Halloween party. Here you'll find everything from Master Chef worthy masterpieces for the more experienced Halloween baker to easy Halloween treats that take less skill to prepare than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Whether you’re a diehard chocolate craving warrior or a health loving fruit nut, I've found a whole slew of fun Halloween treats to make that both you and your loved ones are sure to love this Halloween.

Check out another cool idea, the ultra easy (and healthy!) recipe for these fun Fruit Apple Teeth Treats.

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For many more great Scary Treat ideas, Click on this Link

Happy Halloween!

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