This is something most of us will never be able to say happened to us in school.  Although to be fair, until this year, most of us could never say we've participated in virtual classrooms, at least not in elementary or high school.

WZZM reports that a hacker, in a disguise and pointing a gun at their own head, joined a Zoom class being held for Godfrey-Lee High School in Wyoming. The principal told the news outlet that as soon a the teacher became aware of the situation, they were removed from the virtual classroom, and school administration was immediately notified.

Wyoming Public Safety was called and they began investigating the situation and say that by looking into the IP address, the hacker appears to be from out of state, according to WZZM. Godfrey-Lee administrators say they have taken measures to make sure there's no chance of any more unauthorized access to the virtual classrooms happen. Although as we know from identity theft scams on the internet, hackers immediately start looking for new ways to gain access, so hopefully their efforts are fruitful.

While the school has remedied the problem, school administrators told WZZM they are encouraging any parent or student with questions regarding the incident or steps taken to fix the situation should give school officials a call at 616-452-3296.

As virtual learning starts back up, after the summer break, IT and government officials have been warning parents and students to be careful of possible scams that are popping up, including the Michigan Attorney General's office which warned people of a scam where people call or email offering tech support from major tech companies like Apple and Microsoft.


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