Shallow as it may be, I am always in a better mood starting the day when my favorite sports team wins. When was the last time we had a weekend like this one past. Tigers won three times -- that is 9 in a row -- and Saturday's win was a bottom of the ninth home run to win it. Michigan and Michigan State won in college football and the Lions won. Wow. Too bad the Red Wings aren't playing yet.

Is there anything we can do to influence our favorite teams. I read last week that "home field advantage" isn't all that much -- at least not in baseball. It means something for the Lions. Lions have only won two road games in, what, a million years?

I have friends who dress in Red Wing jerseys when watching the game on t.v. Lots of Griffin fans wear team jerseys at Van Andel Arena. We all have our thing...but let's hope we stop short of these sports nuts.


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