It's no secret that human sex trafficking is a growing problem, especially in Michigan; that's why its best to rather be safe than sorry.

A month ago a girl from Flint wanted to warn people about a potential kidnapping scheme involving leaving things on the windshield. THANKFULLY, that turned out to be a prank (not a good one) by some random teens. But now another Michigan girl, from Mount Pleasant, found something on her windshield... but this is a little more disturbing than a flannel shirt.

On March 23rd, Sierra posted on her Facebook the items that were left on her windshield with a summary of the sequence of events. After leaving Target, in Mt. Pleasant, Sierra walked to her car and found a note written on a napkin and a Penthouse DVD.

Sierra Newland Facebook
Sierra Newland Facebook

Weird, right?

Sierra says she immediately called the cops and then was able to watch Target's surveillance video. The video showed an older man following her into the lot and then waited for the car parked next to her to leave so he could take their spot. That's when he got out of his car and left the items on her windshield. He then got into the backseat of his car, which had tinted windows, and waited for Sierra to come back to her vehicle. She says she never saw the man when she was in the parking lot because of the tints. He didn't get back into his front seat until Sierra left. That's when he then drove off.

Police are currently investigating the situation and advised Sierra to be on the lookout for this car which is described as a silver SUV.

While there is no proof that this was an act of kidnapping, you NEVER know! If you happen to find something suspicious on your windshield, especially if its tied around the wipers, get in your car immediately and lock the doors. Drive to a safe spot before removing whatever it is on your windshield. If it blocks your view, grab it through the window.

Here's a great source on human trafficking including a breakdown on trafficking stats in Michigan.