Keeping cool when you were a kid was always fun, and it didn't come with a high electric bill.

Grand Haven YMCA Camp Had Some Special Guests On Wednesday

The Grand Haven Department of Public Safety came up with the perfect way to keep the kids at YMCA camp cool. They stopped by with a fire truck and hosed the kids off.

The cool off came as the kids began activities on what will be the hottest day of the year, with heat indexes in excess of close to 110 degrees in some areas of West Michigan.

I'm sorry, but I could've used this after biking home from the gym Tuesday afternoon. A truck with a giant hose spraying me off with cold water would have been the best feeling in the world.

Instead, I ran over to the garden hose, and held it over my head. Primitive? Yes. Relaxing? A little. Fun? Damn right.


I Hope I Never Grow Out Of Having Fun In The Hot Summer

But it also reminded me of growing up without air conditioning, and how we never seemed to run out of ways to keep cool.

From running under a sprinkler, to making a slip and slide using a plastic tarp, to knowing a guy in our neighborhood who had a wrench to open up a fire hydrant, we always seemed to find away to cool off, even if it was, in the case of the hydrant, highly illegal.

Tonight I may fill up a kiddie pool and sit my big butt down it while the rest of the world sizzles. Or maybe I'll just turn the AC on high. Either way, buckle in, it's gonna be a hot one.


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