If you ride your bike in the city, you know how dangerous it can be. Maybe we could use something like this


If you have driven Division Ave north into downtown lately, you are well aware of the construction delays. Construction downtown is nothing new. In this case, there is more going on that meets the eye.
This one-year pilot project will explore the potential of, and community interest in, redesigning Division Avenue as a more attractive and high-functioning urban roadway.

The project will temporarily introduce a center turn-lane on Division Avenue from Wealthy Street to Michigan Street. In some blocks this will involve reductions in the number of through-lanes.

Bike lanes will be striped on the street (although the bike lanes will be temporary and will not be officially designated and marked as bike lanes).

The project also will evaluate changes in traffic patterns, changes in the urban environment, and benefits to motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and bus riders.

The study involves simply repainting travel lanes. No physical changes to the street will be made.

After the study, the project partners will determine whether the modification should become permanent, be modified, or be returned to the original design.