Why should you visit Coe, Michigan?

Why, indeed. There are no stores, just an auto repair shop and a church. The downtown has no more shops. As far as I know, there are no road signs telling you where you are...I could be wrong though I didn't see any.

The unincorporated community of Coe is just a tad east of US-127, halfway between Alma and Mount Pleasant and somewhat southeast of Shepherd.

The 'town' is in Isabella County, Coe Township; the township and 'town' were first settled in 1854, organized in 1855 and named after Michigan Lieutenant Governor George A. Coe. Coe had a post office that lasted from 1891 until the end of 1904.

So what happened to the town?

Coe is interesting because it is a mystery.
What businesses used to be there? A church, general store, post office, and schoolhouse. Post office and store are long gone.
How many people lived there?
What - if any - was the major industry?
Was it an old 1800's Michigan lumber town?

There is one cool thing for you to see when you drive through Coe...an old structure a mile or so east of the old downtown. This building looked like it could've been a schoolhouse, church or some kind of town hall (SEE PHOTOS).

Any historian with details on Coe is more than welcome to add comments and information.

Meantime, take a quick drive-thru sometime...it's not that far away and the old structure is a great photo op.