Since the City Of Grand Rapids took their good ol' time picking up the curbside Christmas Trees, this is what we get!  I swear! 

So on December 27th I attach the little pink tag to my Christmas Tree, you know the one, the one that the city forces you to buy if you want your Christmas Tree picked up by the sanitation department.  On January 10th, when the tree is still at my curb and the residential streets in Grand Rapids are beginning to look like "catch all" alleys, I call the sanitation department.  When I asked about tree pick up I was told, "Oh, well the guys can pretty much do that when they want to do it."  WHAT!  So you have my money but I get the service when and if you feel like it.  That kind of sounds like a scam doesn't it?  Who runs a city that way.  I LOVE Grand Rapids and that is why I care so much about it.  This is my home. 

So after the storm all the Christmas Trees on my block and on the way to the Farmer's Market are buried.  No excuses like we couldn't pick up the trees because of the storm.  The city had 5-6 weeks to do it!  So when Springtime comes around, and we're finally melting out because the city couldn't get its act together in a timely manner, if that little pink tag has melted away on all the tress, not our problem.  Worse comes to worse, we can have a Christmas Tree weenie roast and call it a block party;)

Oh, and by the way, Wood TV8 did a fantastic story last night on that sidewalk ruling.  Have it shoveled by Monday or pay $90 because the city will do it for you.  Then I get a picture from someone, I think Wood TV8  showed the picture in the newscast.  A photograph of the Grand Rapids Public School Building, parking lots and sidewalks unshoveled.  You'd think before anyone puts out some kind of mandate they would make sure they are in compliance.  I've been telling everyone to document everything.  We're paying taxes and the City of Grand Rapids can't do their job?  Give me a break...