Until yesterday, the Broadway production of the Truman Capote classic 'Breakfast At Tiffany's' had been notable for starring 'Game of Thrones' mother of dragons Emilia Clarke in the Holly Golightly role. But now it's an animal actor who's getting all the ink.

Mortie, a cat, is the understudy to Vito Vincent, another cat, who plays Holly's pet in the production. Given Mortie's precarious position as an understudy one would think he'd be on his best behavior. But apparently that's not how Mortie rolls.

Insiders report that Mortie got a little too big for his collar and began acting "unruly" on set, forcing producers to fire him and replace him with a kitty named Moo.

"The production is saddened by Montie's dismissal and wishes him well," a rep told the New York Post. No word on what exactly Montie did or if by "unruly" they just meant "even more passively aggressively evil than the typical cat."

As we all know, on the internet cats can do no wrong. However it appears that in the sink-or-swim world of Broadway theater feline obstinance is simply not tolerated. Somebody get Grumpy Cat in there as an understudy stat.