*insert Tim Taylor grunt*

To a lot of people he's the voice of Woody in Toy Story. To Michiganders he's not only an actor but he's the sound of home when you hear him in a Pure Michigan ad. But before that, he was 'Tim the Tool Man Taylor' in the popular show, Home Improvement. Of course I'm talking about Tim Allen so it should come as no surprise that Michigan's favorite sitcom from the 90's is Home Improvement.

Living in a world obsessed with nostalgia, Dish did a study to find the most popular 90's sitcom in each state. Michigan isn't the only state who loves Home Improvement though... our neighbor rival Ohio also chose it as a fave along with Wyoming.

But what about the overall favorite? It's kind of a no-brainer; that title goes to Friends being the most popular in 12 states.

US Dish
US Dish

Dish used the top 15 sitcoms from the 90's and analyzed Google searches from 2004 until now to find what each state is searching for the most to come to their conclusions.

Out of the 15 shows, The Simpsons is the only one that is still running since its original air date in December 1989.

Home Improvement aired in 1991 and went off the air in 1999 meaning that it's now been 20 years since we've heard that infamous grunt. So for old times sake....

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