So life has changed a bit.  This time last week, you were still driving into the office for work and your kids were off to school - life was normal.  But here we are; day two of at least 2 weeks of social distancing and working from home while the kids are stuck inside with nowhere to go either.

Thinking about it, we figured you'd already need a little bit of a break from the chaos, and sometimes taking stock of the situation puts it in a whole new light.  So with that in mind, we thought it’d be fun to have you post what your kids were doing while you were working, BUT you had to call them your co-workers.

The responses did not disappoint AT all! It makes me both happy and sad to not have children.  I think my favorite response was,

Danielle Deederly Nims My co-worker is being told not to put legos between his butt cheeks. ‍♀️‍♀️

Here’s some other great responses:

  • Melanie Szczepanski I had to keep reminding my coworker not to open the trash lid with his nose. ‍♀️
  • Olivia Mann My coworker put lettuce on the ground outside to attract leprechauns.
  • Bridgitt Brownfield My co-worker had to be told to stop pretending he was pooping out play dough.
  • Jeremy Wilson My coworker is fine until our other co-worker has something she wants. A meeting is called, this job doesn't pay enough, but the benefits are pretty ok. Also, we're trying to implement stricter nap time at the office so the cleaning crew can fold laundry and shine the toilet.
  • Amanda DeKorne My co-worker peed her pants beause she was having too much fun playing that she didn't bother to take a potty break.
  • Kristen Davey Herblet My coworker came to work super late after sleeping in til 11am. Same coworker then yelled from far reaches of the office building for me to make lunch, as if I ran the cafeteria!
  • Jessica Oegema My coworker followed me to the bathroom and watched me pee.
  • Nichole Stoyanoff The youngest co worker just licked the second oldest co worker and chased him around.
  • Andrea Lucas-Martin My panicked co-worker interrupted the phone conference I was leading to show me the pan she couldn't get clean, proceeded to tell me it was an emergency.
  • Dave Vandrunen One of my co workers took a huge dump never flushed noticed no tp. So i asked whos got crap in their butt crack. All 3 of my co workers deny pooping at all this day. I must have forget i pooped n to wipe. . .
  • Sheri Shimmel My coworkers bleached their decided blond was her color, the other said “mermaid blue” spoke to him!

After reading all of those, and more comments that are posted on our Facebook page, it makes me more happy than sad to not have kids.  At least while everyone is at home... pretty much nonstop.

We still have plenty more of these days, and we'd love to hear what's going on at work, so keep posting in our comments!

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