Is it the ladies?  Maybe the wives and girlfriends are trying to improve the looks of their husbands and boyfriends. It's Botox for women and brotox for men. 

So guys, how does that make you feel?  In the past it was okay for men to age the way that they aged.  Just look at some of the local news anchors.  If women looked like some of the male anchors on television, well it just wouldn't happen.  period!

Guys in the past were allowed to grow into their slobby selves.  It was okay for guys to put on a few pounds, let their hair go grey and generally not look as attractive as the women they were with.  But that all appears to be changing as wives and girlfriends are putting the pressure on their men to keep up with, or at the very least, look as good as they do.  Is it a trend?  Maybe but I wonder if this is good for anyone in our society?  What do you think?  Good or bad that both sexes are becoming more concerned with their looks?