The Royal Wedding is underway, a mere prelude to the reception. Isn't that what most guys remember...the party. We could do reception stories for days, no doubt you have a few to share. Check out this one.

Police have been trying to track down a wedding party member who allegedly pulled a gun at the reception and started shooting. It happened back in 2009, after Nadia Clay and Terrance Simmons tied the knot. Everything went off without a hitch, until the best man decided to rob the DJ. "He steps back, takes it [the gun] and then shoots it in the air," said Kendrick Shepherd, the wedding DJ. "And then comes and pushes me, grabs it and runs out the door and I'm like, did that just happen?"

The suspect grabbed an expensive crystal decanter full of liquor and fled. Even after two months later, police wasn't able to find the gun-toting best man. They have wedding photos of the suspect whose name, according to the newlyweds, is Johnny Smith. But the groom told investigators he barely knows the guy. He said he was a last-minute replacement for his cousin, who backed out.

I remember being DJ at a wedding reception -- my first time -- one of the guests hurled a drink glass over my head -- shattering it down my back and shoulders -- because I hadn't played his Lynyrd Skynyrd request.... which was played moments later.