One 7 year old boy should be thanking God for corn because those big, tall, thick, corn stalks ended up saving his life.

In what could have been a tragic ending to a story, thanks to those corn stalks this 7 year old boy was not crushed to death by the vehicle he was thrown from.

This 7 year old was not wearing a seat belt so when this accident occurred he was thrown from the vehicle!  He was conscious when police and emergency vehicles arrived on the scene, he was taken to a hospital where he was treated and later in the day released.

Four children and two adults were in the car and the 7-year-old boy was the only one injured.

***side note:  When I was visiting Israel in December my host Ofer MizraChi refused to drive until I put on my seat belt.  He could not believe that I have never worn a seat belt in all of my life, but I have not.  In Israel if anyone in the car is not fastened in the driver gets fined, gets points and loses his license.  When we would get into the car, like an alarm, Ofer would say, "Kim Belt, Kim Belt, Kim Belt" very quickly and I would fasten up.  I am happy to say that since I arrived back in the states I now fasten up.  It's stories like these that drive that point home.  Accidents, I suppose, can also equal ejections from a car.  Thanks Ofer!