There's one place in Grand Rapids with lots of sunshine and fun for everyone!  Enjoy some FREE bouncy blow ups for the kids to play in and on, plus beautiful, original, artwork gracing the walls of the college (pieces that you can admire & purchase.)  The place?  Kuiper College, Today, Sunday, noon-3pm!  Everyone is invited!!!!!

Hope you can join us for this annual "fun day".  Bring your kids along too and have a blast watching them play in the bouncy blowups, admire the artwork, enjoy the live music, the raffles, and the auction .  btw***These volunteers get some of the best raffle and auction items offered in the city.  Just believe me on this!  Getaways, spa packages, beauty products, local gift baskets, it's all great stuff and you can get some really good deals on it!  Stop out and say hello and meet some really nice people.  It's noon-3pm, Today, Sunday April 17th at Kuiper College, on the Beltline between 3 and 4 Mile Roads.  It all happens Rain or Shine!    MAPQUEST Directions

ps I have been a part of Walk For Awareness now for about 3 or 4 years.  One of my favorite walks and events because of the people and the prizes:)  And something I learned along the waywas this, It's not that he or she is an "autistic kid" but; rather, he or she is a "kid with autism".  Words mean everything.  He or she is a kid first, and autism is second.  If you look at things, thoughtfully, in our society, your world can become a bit larger and you can enjoy new experiences in a joyful, light hearted, way.   Hey that kind of sounded like a fortune cookie;)


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