The Groundhog Blizzard, as some have coined it, will blanket one third of the nation.  It is being called the "worst snow storm of the decade."  I've been trying to wish it away and pray it away, but it just doesn't seem like anything is working.  

This storm actually consists of two severe snow storms that will be hitting back to back.  Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, has already declared a State Of Emergency for Missouri and has called in the National Guard.

Southern Wisconsin has also opened their State Emergency Operations Center.  Hospitals in the area are reporting that they are already seeing storm related injuries.  Travel is not recommended and at times will be impossible in the coming days.  Road crews predict that travel will most likely be difficult through Thursday and that may impact and hamper [Super Bowl] travel plans.

In Illinois, Mayor Daley's Chief Of Staff, reminds citizens to check on their elderly neighbors in these times.

In our area, Kent County specifically, trucks are ready to go and overtime has already been approved.  Preparations that can be done have been done.