Who knew an owl could tweet?

Blandford Nature Center's Baby the Barred Owl opened a Twitter account last week.  Baby the Barred Owl is also trying to get 1 million Facebook likes by Valentine's Day for a special Valentine's treat!

Blandford Nature Center announced the new Twitter account and the quest for 1 million likes on Facebook last week:

Baby the Barred Owl has recently gotten her own twitter account. You can follow her and her daily life @BabytheOwl. Check out her first post and help get her to her #1millionlikes for a special Valentine's Day treat. Share, share, share!



Somehow, some people found this whole campaign to be offensive.  Blandford Nature Center responded with this explanation:

Thank you everyone for your attention and concern for Baby our Barred Owl. Our top priority is always to respect, care for, and enrich the lives of our resident animals. We use our Facebook page as a venue to raise awareness for our animal ambassadors. Baby came to us as a one month old owl and was imprinted on humans; because of this she requires more attention than our other resident animals. We did not intend for Baby to wear a costume but rather hold a prop as she does with her enrichment toys. Please come to Blandford and visit Baby and our other resident animals and show them some love. Thank you all for your concern and keeping us on our toes with the wording we use in our Facebook posts.

What a week for Baby the Barred Owl!  A new Twitter account!  Trying for 1 million Facebook likes!  Some (unjustified) controversy!

Hundreds have liked the picture on Facebook, but there's a loooong ways to go.

Help Baby the Barred Owl get closer to her goal by liking her here! 

Visit Baby the Barred Owl on Twitter.

Good luck, Baby!