Halloween's more than a month away, but if you're hoping for a  fresh pumpkin,  (Jack-o-lantern), for the holiday, you might want to plan to shop  early.

The Grand Rapids Press says it's hard to believe, but Michigan's pumpkin crop isn't the best this year, farther north the yields are just average, and there will likely be no help from other states — Hurricane Irene left jack-o-lantern fields in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey underwater, rotting.

That means Michigan pumpkins will be in strong demand, so, buy early.  Who knows, you may want to carve early, too.

I don't know about you but I always loved to carve the pumpkin with the kids.  Of course we got one for each, so by the end of our carving session my hands refused to work.  What a beating.  I always tried to make a different face for each daughter, too.  I wasn't too original, but they loved them anyway.

Want to see some really cool carvings?  Watch this!