There's an unusual and potentially disturbing road sign for bicyclists in Northern Michigan. In the Upper Peninsula city of Baraga there is a bike trail with this ominous warning.

The sign shows a cycling flipping head-over-handlebars after encountering a railroad track. The sign was shared to the there is NO way that is MUTCD-compliant Facebook group which features odd road signs that may not be up to standards.

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The poster states:

I just think the depiction is a bit over the top for a bicycle/railroad crossing, but maybe it’s just me.

Many agreed and pointed out that the crossing comes at a bit of an angle. By not hitting the crossing at a true 90 degree angle, there is the risk for a cyclist to have skinny bike tires caught up in the ruts of the track and causing a loss of balance and potentially a tumble.

The sign is located just off US 41 in Baraga near Superior Street and the Baraga Drive In. It's along a bike trail that runs from L'Anse to Houghton.

The sign is rare but not a unique one-off. Some other municipalities use the same graphic design to warn cyclists of an upcoming railroad crossing. A replica of the sign is even available from a seller on Etsy.

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