There is nothing cuter  than puppies and kittens. They're so sweet, loving and playful. The John Ball Zoo has little baby animals, too. But, they're slightly different than puppies and kittens. Panda, Lynx, frog babies to name a few!

Yep, the John Ball Zoo has been like a hospital maternity ward with a  string of new arrivals. So, they're celebrating next week.

In the past six months seven species have welcomed new members to the Zoo's family.  So far in 2020 the Zoo has seen births of red pandas, Canada lynx, tenrec, Anthony's poison arrow frog, cotton-top tamarin, Goeldi's monkey, and six-banded armadillo. Okay, maybe you don't exactly feel like petting and playing with the new arrivals, and some with a beauty that only a mother can love, but just the growth at the John Ball Zoo makes is pretty spectacular.

So, what do you do to celebrate all of the new arrivals? You hold an animal baby shower.

Fox 17 says the John Ball Zoo is holding a special baby shower day next Tuesday, August 18. A zoo-wide bingo game will be held, along with discounts at the food and gift shops.

Of course, when you attend a baby shower you bring a gift, right? Well, you certainly don't have to, however if you feel like you really want to the John Ball Zoo created an Amazon Wish-list with gift ideas for each species, plus a donation form for anyone who cannot attend the shower.

If you need more information details are on the whole event are on the Zoo's website.

JOHN BALL ZOO'S NEW BABIES (courtesy John Ball Zoo & Fox 17)

Tenrec baby
John Ball Zoo
Red Panda
Poison Arrow Frog
Goeldis Monkey


Cotton Top