There will be one entry on the Grand River at ArtPrize Seven. Jane Cassidy's "Brumaire is the color" is an audio/visual installation which will be on the underside of the Pearl Street Bridge.

The installation will be installed under the archway accessible by the boardwalk.

The water will be projected on from above at night. The projections will reflect onto the bottom of the Pearl Street Bridge while a musical score plays in tandem with the projection.

Jane Cassidy is a New Orleans-based artist and educator from Galway, Ireland. She said "Brumaire is the color" continues to evolve as she works on it.

The photos and video are from Cassidy's "Long Since The Sun Has Set" which she says is the closest example of a prior work showing what to expect at ArtPrize.

ArtPrize Seven begins September 23 and runs through October 11.

Courtesy of Jane Cassidy
Courtesy of Jane Cassidy

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