Shari Solo & Nahoko Kojima's "A Series of Handmade Japanese Paper Cut Sculptures" is on display at Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.

The entry is in the Public Vote Top 5 in the installation category.

Watch as the piece is installed at ArtPrize and learn more about handmade paper cut sculptures.

The paper cut sculptures have received a big response, but the attention started before ArtPrize.

Nahoko Kojima's fundraising efforts to come to ArtPrize for her first U.S. show were featured in The Wall Street Journal. The fundraising effort reached it's goal and was fully supported.

While at ArtPrize, the enthusiasm has come from all ages. Kojima spent time working with local high school students, teaching them the art of handmade paper cut sculpting.

Watch the installation, a explanation of the inspiration behind the piece, and learn more about handmade paper cut sculpting.