Part of this week, Wednesday and Thursday September 12 and 13, I spent the morning show broadcasting from the West Michigan Policy Forum.  Wednesday we were at St. Cecilia Music Center, and Thursday at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel.

I had a chance to interview key business leaders from Doug DeVos, President of Amway, Jim Dunlap, President Huntington Bank, West Michigan, and so many more, to Rick DeVos, founder of ArtPrize.



The entire community is excited for ArtPrize 2012, which begins next Wednesday, September 19th.

Rick told me that ArtPrize is about more than discovering who wins.  The event was not created to find better art through voting.

Rick DeVos explained:

It's about creating a culture of creativity and doing that through engagement and conversation and cultivating this curiosity that then results in people learning things.

Listen to the full interview below as I talked with ArtPrize founder Rick DeVos on September 13, 2012.