So, off go the royal couple to their many receptions. Did you see the royal coach? Wonder what that thing goes for by the hour. Vanessa and I did the limo thing for our wedding. Most of us do and isn't that part of the fun? Champagne corks flying everywhere. Jammed in like clowns in a Volkswage

n. Doesn't always work out though does it.

A wedding limo was carjacked as it sat parked outside a church - moments before the happy couple's ceremony was due to take place. Six bridesmaids - who'd been waiting for their cue to enter the church - jumped out of the car in Massachusetts when a thief smashed a window with a hammer, got in and threatened the driver. After fleeing in their flowing blue gowns, fuchsia bouquets in hand, they made it down the aisle with seconds to spare - though they didn't tell the bride what had happened until the ceremony was over.

After exchanging vows, newlyweds Jillian Sherlock and Nikhil Pereira emerged from the church to find the front of it cordoned off with police tape. Another limousine then brought their wedding party to the reception. The driver of the carjacked limo, which was later found abandoned down the road from the church, managed to get away from the scene of the carjacking unharmed.