Whew! The holidays are over. The pressure of it all wears you down with family, friends, food, parties, and, most of all, shopping. Are you all shopped out?
There were all sorts of special deals and discounts to lure shoppers into stores and online over the holidays. Hey, I sure bought into that. But, what about now? Are all the deals gone? Not on you life.

I checked Consumers Reports for their take on what's up for the new year, and, wow, time to get your shopping hat back on.

This month you can save BIG on Bathroom Scales! Oh yeah, just what you need in the new year if you're really into depression. Also, health equipment like Ellipticals and Treadmills. Is there a conspiracy going on here?

Linens And Sheets are always on sale during January White Sales, along with Winter Sports Gear and Clothing. Hey, they have to clear their inventory since Spring is but a few months away.

And, the deals everyone gets excited about. TV's. And you thought all the big electronic deals were "last year."

There are some huge blowout deals out there on TV's, 48", 55", 65", even 105" in HD, UHD, 4K. Even the small screen ones, 24', 32", are great bargains this month.

So, just maybe you're not so "shopped out" afterall. Are you starting to get the itch?

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