Look, it's Michigan, so it's certainly not unusual to get some snow in late October. It's just that it was so beautiful last weekend, it makes you want to run and hide under your blanket from it. 

A cold wave has hit the Upper Midwest today that will drop temperatures into the 40s for highs and into the 30s for lows by the weekend, and it's that second blast that will possibly bring snow to the Upper Peninsula, and maybe to the Grand Rapids area.

The UP will get accumulating snow with a blast of arctic air Thursday into Friday. The heaviest accumulations of snow will in the area between Houghton and Marquette. If that blast gets a little heft with it, it could bring lake effect snow mixed in with rain to us Friday into Saturday.

Those cold temps will stay through Halloween, so it appears the trick or treaters will have to wear a heavy jacket under their costumes. (Something Jerry Seinfeld always hated).

So it looks like I'll have to turn my heat up before November, as is my tradition. Dammit!







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