Study that picture from 2017 closely and you'll see that the drive-thru window of this Arby's is located on the car's passenger side.

The restaurant is located on Southfield Road in the Detroit suburb of Allen Park. The odd set-up is caused by the space available to the restaurant which doesn't allow for a conventional driver-side window.

Reddit user Choco316, who shared the strange drive thru set up to the /r/MildlyInteresting forum stated that if there is no passenger in the car, the money is collected and food served by a worker passing a basket with a stick into the car to reach the driver.

Between 2018-2019, the restaurant was rebuilt and now the drive-thru on the correct side of the building allowing the money and food transactions to be done like every other drive-thru to the driver's side.

The basket-on-a-stick process used before the renovation would have been, ironically, perhaps a perfect solution for the pandemic. The long complex process would certainly have provided the needed distance between the Arby's workers and customers.

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