Before last night's big Oscar Extravaganza the question on everyone's mind was Clooney or Pitt?  Who was going to win the Oscar for Best Actor?

Personally, I wasn't that excited about last night's Oscar Party.  I think it's nice that certain actors, producers, and even movies, are all honored but all the hype building up to the event and I keep asking myself, how does this affect me?

My most favorite part of any award ceremony however, is the red carpet.  I do enjoy watching that coverage.  Who is wearing who?  What is the new color that might work on me?  Any new styles that might flatter my figure?  I think I'm like a lot of ladies out there, the red carpet is all about getting some free fashion ideas.

But, last night it was Angelia Jolie who appeared to steal the spotlight, again!  When I woke up this morning all I heard about was her leg, or should I say the leg she was showing.  I see it even has it's own Twitter page now (Angie's Right Leg, already has 10,000 followers).  It was her Atelier Versace gown, the slit up the side, and Brad Pitt as her accessory that just put it all over the top.

There was some humor too.  The guys from the movie The Descendants mocked her hand on the hip pose, there were whistles and cat calls from the audience, and you could tell Angie really enjoyed all the attention as she stood there for a few moments taking it all in.

And by the way, neither Clooney nor Pitt won for Best Actor.  It was Jean Dujardin, the handsome actor from the silent movie The Artist.  He's the newbie we need to keep our eye on...

In the mean time here is a complete list of the 84th Academy Award Oscar Winners!