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A heartfelt thanks for our friend Lee Edson at Lynx Golf Club in Otsego, Mi. Lee was our host last week on the Andy and Chuck Summer Golf Tour, sponsored by Treetops Resort. We've been lucky enough to be with Lee and the Lynx Golf Club since the beginning of the Andy and Chuck Tour. If you haven't played Lynx, you should. It is a very nice golf course -- up north golf without the drive and without the cost -- as they like to say. It isn't an easy course, lots of hills, lots of turns. I'd like to say a few words about our golf guests, but I can't. One of the few times our golf guests didn't show. Can you believe it? I talked to the guy myself the day before. Too bad. Andy and I played anyway and wound up having a bit of a competitive match -- close right to the end. Who won? Well, let me just say this. Andy bought the beer in the very nice Lynx clubhouse. Thank you, Andy and thank you Lee Edson at Lynx.

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