Love to see the back story on an epic match up for Sunday's BIG game.  The Green Bay Packers took on the Pittsburgh Steelers and WON!

During half time, after Charles Woodson was diagnosed with a broken collarbone, he cried as he gave a speech to his team mates.  Some compared his speech to the famous "Win Just One For The Gipper".   In the locker room, he began to tell his team mates how much he wanted to win this title and how they needed to do it without him.  And then he couldn't go on because he became too emotional. 

That's what real team sportsmanship is all about.  Can you imagine how he felt knowing he could not do his part.  I'm sure what was swirling around in his head was "I let the team down".  His team mates took it to heart and said "Hey, we gotta win one for him".  Well, whatever he said to those team mates and however he said it seemed to work!  Green Bay beat out the Steelers for a 31-25 victory!


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