Amtrak's Great Dome car is coming to Grand Rapids. The car has windows which curve up to the roof on all four sides offering a 360-degree view.

The Great Dome car will be added to the Amtrak Pere Marquette train for a limited time. The Pere Marquette train runs between Grand Rapids and Chicago.

The car is officially known as car 10031 “Ocean View,” is the only Dome Lounge car in the entire Amtrak fleet. It will operate eastbound on Thursday nights with round-trips through the weekend, returning west to Chicago on Monday mornings, June 30-July 4, July 7-11, 14-18 and 21-24.

There is no extra charge to ride in the car which was built for the Great Northern Railway in 1955. Adult fares start at $32 each way with add-ons for bikes and small pets.

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