It's been a problem to wrestle with since March. How do we teach our kids and keep them safe from COVID-19 at the same time. GRPS hopes they have a plan.

Yesterday they announced a plan that students start "100% virtually" for the first nine weeks of school. GRPS said parent and staff survey data showed "the highest level of support for virtual learning."

Fox17 reported they are recommending that school start on Aug. 25, virtually, with "continuous assessment of the plan and preparations to shift to hybrid or 100% in person."

High school athletics would continue as planned in accordance with the executive order and guidelines by the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA).

GRPS is also seeking continued flexibility and support from the state on average daily attendance, student count, instructional days and hours and more.

The district still needs to negotiate the proposed plan's "fine details," John Helmholdt, executive director of communications and external affairs at GRPS said.



The results of the survey showed that 71% of people responding said they are extremely or very confident that distance learning would be the safest measure.

Of nearly 7,000 parents representing more than 12,000 students, 48% chose distance learning as the most preferred option, followed by hybrid at 26%, and in person at 25%.
Of the nearly 1,000 staff members, 53% most preferred distance learning, followed by 25% for hybrid, and 33% for in person learning.

The GRPS administration said that during that 9 week period of time, we will continuously assess our decision and will be prepared for a potential in-person or hybrid return to school.


The also said that we are in collaboration with the teachers’ union and will be releasing specific details at the Board’s Academic Achievement Committee on August 5. In conjunction with the Academic Achievement Committee, we are planning a virtual town hall meeting on August 5 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm.

Parents can call the main line at 616-819-2000 or email


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