Just a couple weeks from graduating a young man has lost his life to the Coronavirus.

At 9:06 this morning (Sunday, March 29th) the editor and chief of the Western Herald sent out this sad tweet:

Robinson went on to talk about losing his friend on twitter,

Bassey’s passing is difficult for me personally, as I got to know him working at Footlocker in Portage, where for two years I was fortunate enough learn why Bassey was so special to so many different people.

Western Michigan University President Edward Montgomery had this to day in statement earlier Sunday,

“On behalf of the entire Bronco community I want to extend my deepest condolences to his entire family, including his sister Asari, who has been generous in communicating with us regularly.  They are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.”

It was announced Friday that 3 WMU students were confirmed to have Covid-19.  It however, has not been confirmed if Bassey Offiong were one of those three.

Here are the latest stats from the Kalamazoo County Health Department as of Sunday, March 29th.  Get more info on their website.

Tests Submitted to MDHHS lab: 118
Negative for COVID-19: 72
Positive for COVID-19: 15
Test Results Pending at MDHHS lab: 31


To stay informed with the latest news on Covid-19 click here.

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