Every year about this time, I wait to see some signs that spring is around the corner. Things like seeing the first robin (I haven't seen one yet), "springing forward" with our clocks (which we do on Sunday, March 14th), and of course the opening of our local Dairy Queens.

One of those three things has happened. Our Grand Rapids area Dairy Queens are now open for business! Who wants a Dilly Bar?!

There are actually a total of four Dairy Queens within 15 miles of Grand Rapids. We usually think of the two closest to downtown Grand Rapids. Those two locations are at 1138 Walker Street, NW and 956 W. Fulton NW. There is also a Dairy Queen inside Rivertown Crossings Mall. If you take a drive to the west, there is a Dairy Queen located in Allendale at 5053 Lake Michigan Drive. All of the locations are now open for business!

One sad note, Dairy Queen announced on its Facebook page that it has "made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Free Cone Day." The event is held annually on the first day of spring, giving customers a free small vanilla ice cream cone. Due to the coronavirus pandemic is had been cancelled again in 2021. Hopefully Free Cone Day can return in 2022.

It looks like the warmer weather is going to stick around for a little while longer. The forecast is calling for temperatures near 60 in Grand Rapids the middle of next week. Let's go get some ice cream! And keep an eye out for the first robin sighting.


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