Changing a flat tire isn't hard if you know what you're doing.

I was walking my dogs Benny and Paddy when I turned the corner and saw a very well-known shipping company van with a flat tire.

The guy was sitting on the ground and looked frustrated. I asked if he need any help and he said yes, he didn't know how to change a flat tire.

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I was surprised to hear this but it makes sense. If you've never had a flat you may not know how to change it. I asked the guy to hold my dogs on the leash while I got on the ground and started changing his flat.

As I went along step by step I explained what I was doing and why so hopefully next time he gets a flat he will be able to change it like a pro.

If you don't know how to change a flat tire this is a good video to watch

After I got home I started wondering how many people know how to change a flat tire and how did they learn? Did someone teach them? did they just figure it out on their own?

I took my questions to Facebook and got some really interesting and funny answers

Terri M said
"131 southbound during morning rush hour traffic. In the winter I might add. I thought the flat was just my Kid Rock music. Had it turned up a little loud! I called roadside assistance."
Betsty D Said
"We were driving around Loch Ness in Scotland and had to wait over an hour to get someone to reach us then had to back track to get a new tire at the rental cars approved repair shop."
Anna K Said
"It’s been a long, long time since I had a flat or a leak. But I know how to change all my own tires. My exboyfriend taught me"

Dianne P Said

"After work. Had to call to get help. But did walk to gas station while I waited. Bought 2 $2.00 bingo scratch offs. Won 20k. Glad I didn’t know how lol"
Stacy H Said
"12:00 am on the way home from a concert. We were in Byron, Michigan and almost home to Argentine. Very dark with no street lights because we are in the country. Thankfully my daughters friend knew how to change it. There is no traffic out here that late at night."
Mary H Said
"Virginia on vacation, no spare (never looked to see if we had one), had to get a wrecker, a hotel room, new rim and new tire"
Tressa Z Said
"Got a flat right by a golf course so pulled into the range parking and called my dad (yes I was in my upper 20s). Multiple people asked if they could help but I said no my dad was coming. He got there and made me change it while talking me through. I'll let the guys who offer help me next time."
Jill H Said
"I can not count the number of flat tires. If you live or grew up on a rock road it was a requirement to change a tire and my dad taught me at a young age. First solo flat tire I changed was my coaches flat tire when I was 14yo when our vollyball team was on a trip in Indianapolis my freshman year. I earned BIG brownie points that day since NO ONE else knew how. Truthfully, now my husband takes good care of me so it has been a while."

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