Haven't you always wished you could fly?  I have.  I used to imagine that I could fly, just like Superman.  Look...up in the sky...it's a bird...it's a plane...no, it's.....ME!  Ah, the mind of a child...a little touched, but I had fun.

Well, last Thursday, I nearly had that much fun.  No, I didn't fly, but I got to watch other people fly.  No, really, fly.  Okay, for real, with a little help.

Civic Theater is presenting "A Christmas Carol" November 16 through December 16.  It's, of course, the story of that penny-pinching, mean old Scrooge and how ghosts from his past, present and future show him the true meaning of Christmas.  And, it was those ghosts, and Scrooge, too, that were flying across the Civic Theater stage Thursday night.  What fun.

Backstage - Civic Theater

I got to go backstage and see how they did it, the two people it takes to fly just one person, and the rigging.  Amazing.

You and your family will have an amazing time at Civic's "A Christmas Carol."  This spectacular musical extravaganza ran for 10 years at Madison Square Garden.  In 2004, this version became the basis of an NBC Hallmark Entertainment special featuring Kelsey Grammer as Ebenezer Scrooge.

And now it comes with a huge cast, to Civic's stage with some of our top talent from West Michigan.  It will be a wonderful family night at the theater.

For information on the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre or to purchase tickets, call 616-222-6650 or visit www.GRCT.org.