When you're pregnant, especially 9-months pregnant, you do well just to waddle around.  Okay, I know, this is coming from a man, so I know from my wife only, but, hey, hero mothers should be honored, and the final months of any pregnancy is usually pretty tough.  That's why this story is so amazing. This woman can carry more than just a baby.

Meghan Leatherman, a work-out fan, continued her work out intensely, even though she was nine months pregnant.

The Arizona woman, 33, kept lifting 150-pound weights and practicing CrossFit two days before her due date and gave birth to a baby girl on May 3.

Leatherman will not let motherhood slow down her exercise regime. ‘I’ve talked to my doctor and she says I can go back to the gym within three weeks,” she said. “I would never give up CrossFit — being fit helped me to conceive in the first place and it kept me healthy throughout my pregnancy.”